She is Precious;
That girl who has so much inside her is here
She is the one that hides beneath an unseen frame
Lord, Lord, you know
There is a battle in the heart of that joy
It’s almost there, just you wait
That bud will bloom
Precious is that smile that lights every eye that it sees
That echo; do you hear?
Just under that shadow, even in those trees
I see that girl on the swing.
Past those curls that bay in the wind.
How is that possible?
I see, I see; Jesus
Wave; better yet bow
Precious is that one there
Where is the smile?
Because there is no more light
The rope is still and footprints lay
Jesus; Jesus where
Worry no more we will see him again
But where is She
Walking with him with that joy
When she appears again, it will be complete
In Jesus name, Amen


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