Preaching to the Blind

Sun, 03/24/2013 - 04:52 -- mkowens


United States
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We stand here in the crowd hearing him preach
'We shall be equal! We shall be free!'

These men up here giving us false hope,
When we all know we should fight on
But in the back of our mind knowing we are shunned.

With all these protests with walk outs and sit ins
It makes no difference what we do to change this.
We want to be our self's and live free of being judged,
With no worries or remarks from someone else.

They don't see the pain and the problems they've caused.
They are too boldfaced and lost to shame to see.
They cant seem to wrap their narrow way thoughts around this idea.
That maybe, just maybe, we were meant to be equal and free.

Look at this separation by this meaningless segregation;
take away the skin, the hair, the eyes and the features.
You are left with the single structure seen in every man.

Their is no difference, we are all human.
But some people cant seem to open their eyes
They are stuck in this narrow sight they think is alright.
I guess this is what happens when you try to preach to the blind.
All they see is white and black, they just cant seem to see the in between.

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