The preacher's daughter

The preacher's daughter

They call it unholy
They call it unethical
They call it natural
They call it canal

September 1998, the first thing I heard was AMEN,
I was born into a preacher's home
They said they've waited for me for too long, so they named me hope
Am sure they must have fasted and prayed for a good soul
Be holy for the Lord your God is holy
Was all I heard, while I grew
For a moment I thought my umbilical cord was a rosary
Because all I drank was the holy water
Spare the rod and spoil the child was the anthem after every misdeed
While their hands vibrate with the whip
"You're a preacher's daughter" they say
Live by example!!
Yet I don't know who am giving the examples to
Because it looked like my destiny was tied to my room
I've read the Bible 12 times
Lied uncountable times
Just to save my body from blue black signs
Every step I made was checked
Every friend I made was marine sent
Am 20 now and they are yet to know I've had 4 abortions
Am addicted to drugs because it's on its arms I get my comfort
Ive tried to stop
I'm struggling to move on
I wanted to say it to the preacher
Because it's now I needed the word
But they will call me unholy
They will say it is unethical to the faith
They will call me natural and not spiritual
They will label me canal
Of course I would be sent out
Be yeah unequally yoked with unbelievers
What have the godly to do with the ungodly
So I fought on my own
But pain and loneliness have stapled my nose to this white dust
My lips are now very friendly with tobacco
And my hands with the bottles
It was obvious I lost the battle
Am falling off the cliff
But my parents, the preachers are too holy to catch me
Then who can save me from this fall
Who is dirty enough to catch my hand
I need a savior but this time I can't find my bottles
The air was almost carrying my total weight
When He caught me and called me by my name
I looked into His eyes and I felt loved, I knew He was God
The holiest One
But He made Himself dirty enough to hold me in his arms
Today am saved
He saved me


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