Everyone said they hated slavery but my brothers and sisters we still beat on each other not with whips and chains but bullets to the brain knifes to the vain.

what do you hope to gain because you both feel the same pain so there's really no recovery it just all seems the same to me.because we keep losing innocent lives day in and day out it's starting to get out of control. I say this because We all are the same to me. but you must not see that we are all one race we all move at the same pace we all have to share the same space and look at each other's depressing face.just listen to me and take some time to hear me out imagine if that was your love one screaming and shouting because their seconds a way from losing their life or taking their last breath of air imagine that being your brother or sister or your good men now being a dead men you went from seeing that person everyday to seeing them on their funeral day. It's depressing isn't it you can't sit here and tell me it's not. Just imagine if your daughter had a full ride to college and could not go because of an idiot not knowing how to just put the guns away now this beautiful girls life has just been taking away. Imagine your son just walking home and his being robbed for something so dumb and he tries to reach for his knife to protect himself but then the robber pulls out a gun and now they both die  both mothers hurt both parents cry but one cries even harder because her son was killed in the publics eye but instead she has to stop cry and stay strong because she knows her baby boy wouldn't want to see her cryNow can we all please stop this violence weather it's gun violence or robbing or Murder or just even fighting can we stop as a unit As a community As D.C please before we end our whole race 

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