praise to the life i live

as i am never promise tomorrow

praise to each day i wake up

i thank gor for making it possible

praise to the crazy life the world has become

as it all comes in full circle

praise to the filth on the corner

as no one doesn't bother picking up not even one piece a paper and throw it in the garbage

praise to idiocy

where people don't use common sense; it's only common

praise to homeless dogs and cats on the streets

running aimlessly in finding a place they can call home

praise to ignorance

where killing someone becomes a tradition that in many eyes celebrate it like it's christmas

praise to co-workers

where they smile in your face

behind that mask lies layers of deception in which all they want is for me to fall

it won't happen, to this day, i stand tall

praise to the four train

as it travels overground, i can feel and hear the vibrations of its roaring sounds in my sleep

praise to loud noise

nobody simply doesn't know how to talk

praise to drug dealers

who stay on the block when the sun rises

and remain on the block when then sun sets

praise to mothers

who sacrifice their lives to save their child

praise to fathers

who are actually men

praise to young people

who claim to act grown, but don't even the 1st step to puberty

praise to women

whose thick thighs when wearing a mini is sweeter than juice

praise to more women

whose mind astonish one with mental beauty

praise to food

where puerto rican dishes like mofongo is classic like 80's hit record

praise to all the spanish mami's

take the 6 train past 125th to pelham bay for one day

you soon understand where i'm coming from

praise to life

it's what i make of it

despite what anyone thinks, i live life in my eyes

no one elses


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Very cool. Life is what you make it and how you live it. Nice write. :)

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thank you very much

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