"Just sing," they say 
But they don't know how much I pray 
Each morning and twice every night 
For courage to share what's in my mind's light
One word. Too hard 
Each syllable that I write upon a card 
For birthdays, 'thank you's', 'how've you been?'
Can't feel the words I want to give 
I'm not magic 
I can't fake these things 
But like my brain's a bell, the letters ring
It comes so easy to my friends 
Their mouths open up and there's no end 
To kindness softly flowing, 
Leadership boldly showing 
The list of people they're impressing growing 
Because my vocals do give out 
My writing vague
Heaven help me learn to shout 
People wonder if there's worth in here 
And though I can't tell you how or why because of fear 
My voice is small and new 
But growing strong 
There's just me and a precious few 
Who don't think it's wrong
To keep inside and dig real deep
But I practice now as I fall asleep.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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