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Sitting, staring blankly into space
You can't see anything
Nothing at all
Except that image in your head
A faint figure standing behind you
It is you
You are powerless

Standing behind your own being
With a gun to your own head
You are powerless

Nothing can control you
As the image comes more clearly into your head
You squeeze your eyes shut
Trying to erase the image
You can't
You are powerless

You feel it against your head
You're squeezing your eyes even tighter now
There is nothing left to do
You are powerless

You pull the trigger
A good feeling rushes over your entire body
A euphoria takes over
You have no more worries
You are free
You are no longer powerless
You are still here

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This really tells everyone how a suicidal teen feels....powerless. We are slaves to the gun, knife, blades, alcohol or pills.

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