A powerful tool

Poetry allowed people to been seen and heard.
With their voices they told stories.
Some of those stories portrayed a variety of struggles that people faced.
While others showed positive aspects of their lives.
With these stories I learned of people lives.
Like their culture or their childhood.
I realized that from these poems people aren't so different.
Yes we might have different skin tones, facial features, and native languages.
Yet we all bleed the same color.
We share the same emotions.
We might have even faced a similar struggle.
I learned that poetry allows us to unit and interact with one another.
We share stories some sad or happy.
We give inspiration and motivation to those who are currently struggling.
We change people with our words.
We open their minds because of our different perspectives.
Each chance we take, we write words.
With those words we try to change the world.
Poetry is and always will be a powerful tool for people. Without poetry how would our voices be heard?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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