Power Of Your Mind

As i look into the perfect mirror of liberty, all i see is endless failure and poverty.
My dad said i am the diamond glints on the morning dew, my mum said am her knight in shinning armor, my brothers told me i was their laughter in a sadden moment, my sisters said am their warrior in times of war, and my friends whispered to my ear saying, i am the sun on the edge of a stormy sea.
Who am i really? Am so confused, cos all i see now is nothing but a blury view. Am now a shadow lost in the dark, trying to make a way out, but nowhere to be found.
Dark age, dark night, on this blury path...oh what a dark life. i feel strange pains in my mind, am trapped right here down in my heart. What a terrific fear flies, i want to be free like a butterfly.
A product of a bad decision, running on a dark pace. going in circles, victim of a rat race. Fear and failure got all of me, i found myself in a shade of a tragic dream, who will come to my rescue cos my life is dim!.
And i suddenly heard a soothing voice saying, "You are God`s own masterpiece, His crown and pearl of great value, His outstretched arm of love"
"When it feels like all hope is lost, look inside you and be strong. Feed on his word and you will get the strength to carry on, Use the divine tools of his word and you will know how to face the battle head on".
After this revelation, i discovered i was really missing. The law of attraction was not working on me. I was a Christian but i didn`t see Christ, i was living but not surrendering life. I saw free salvation that was not under price, yet i was complaining about life.
I had all i needed to win and all i needed was just the power of my mind.
I write to you today that in all your burden, pain and despair. The lord never let go of your hand, He has been there since day one and he will be there till the last. But, how far can you see?!.
I tell you today, use the divine tool of the holyspirit, manifest your supernatural life through his word. Use the power of your mind, remember you are all that you choose to be!.

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