The POWER with your HANDS



all gather into one fist of POWER 

How fighting seems to be the ONLY  solution

How the emotions you feel makes it worth your wild to bring heartbreak 

to a person who dropped your heart

When their laying down in fear and useless to defend themselves make

you have control in a life in your hands 

the pride of your ego thinks you won something wild 

But the lost of breath from punches makes you remember all the stuff you 

couldn't handle in life was token to a complete stop

The silence of the words broken enough to explode

as you look at that person only replaced it's body into your soul

That person you though you were beating up was only yourself 

the hurt that got handed to you only made you return the favor back into your own hands 

There's no winners because you both stand as losers

being able to fight  doesn't make people respect you from fear

being able to fight doesn't bring you strength but makes you break down weak

being able to fight doesn't heal all the scares someone added into your heart

it cuts you deeper 

now you might feel  satisfied but a few days maybe months 

someone will try you again 

then fights and fights only lead you dragged with no mercy

either the grave or behind bars 

but they need to pay for what they did ..

only leaving you with the consequences 

walking away from a fight doesn't mean you are scared or weak 

it means you rather walk another day then get tangled up into 

a life you could have saved yourself from 



To all the people who read and comment 

I want you to know fighting is not the solution. We as a nation are better then a balled up fist. Use  your hands to catch dreams not a court case .Hope I inspire you and others .

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

preach sista

violence is becoming the remedy to all solutions

use your hands to think, mediatate, not fight

you're right, use your hands to grab you dreams and not cop pleas in court cases

another excellent poem


YES so happy you enjoyed it

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i did



Mafi Grey

You said I had a gift, but you have an extraordinary mist that coats your words that make them stick. See I can go on and on about how I relate to this but one thing must be said, your totally right. Those hands people clinch together to form a weapon aren't meant to destroy the atoms in another being's face. See I've seen the hands of an old man and I could run my mind down his lines and scars and non would come up of a fight. Yet he did have one thing that kept showing up, the imprint of his hands being clinch because he was being beaten; the hands of hard work and slavery.

See our black culture has been through a lot, even the white, Indian, Hispanic, you name it but in the beginning; we only hand room for the hands of love. Clinch the hands of another, as we played in each other's eyes as we glazed; we saw misfortune but we had each other's hands to guide our children through the rough patches, falls, and disappointment. But people we can't fight anymore, its been enough of that, it's time for all of us to take out a book and read or write some poetry.

Oh and keep up the work, just some great stuff here. Oh and I did get inspired by the way, makes me want to write some more.


omg so happy it inspired you .because i hate to see people fight and use that as a solution but for what .i want my words to make you think beyond my words but the way this world work .so happy you enjoyed and keep on writing because makes you look at a world a whole different way

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