Power Writing

There aren't many things I can say at this age that can make people dare to listen to
The words I speak,
The words I read,
The words I write.
But there is one place that continues to grow with me.
A circle in which stays the same
But contrary wise continues to change.
When the first step I took and met the people inside, it became a part of me.
Where somehow along the times of standing to read, writing with pain, and daring to cry,
I became a part of a family, bigger than any outsider's understanding.
Anyone is welcomed and silently, unquestioningly add to the family tree.
It's held in a small, little, red trailer, but brought with us everywhere;
not only through the school, it's not just in this city or state.
Not even this country.
It's brought with us, and passed on, through our minds, souls, bodies and poetry.
We not only change the thinking of anyone in this room, but anyone willing to listen.
We all have our stories that we must write, as we take charge of our own lives.
And it's not so we can become great writers or poets,
because we already are, but to become the person we always wanted to be.
And never anyone else.
We push each other to the limits,
Or we pull each other back up.
We make them more aware, as we step into our dream worlds.
We are brothers and sisters;
just as Amy is our mother, as she warns us and comforts us in ways our parents may not.
Just as Joe is our grandfather; reading his tales in a hoarse voice; daring us to listen and gain our own wisdom.
Just as Roland our crazy uncle in this so called family, can laugh and enjoy the world and still do everything he can to change it.
It is here the meaning of Mali's words made sense to me:
"You must speak with conviction.
Because contrary to the common belief of the bumper sticker, it is not enough to question authority.
You have to speak with it too."
It's with these very people that I learned how to do it.
And not only do I thank Brandon for bringing me here to this very place...
But, to the people that are coming, I can't wait to share this with.
This is Power Writing.
Tell us your story.



It's great how you explained the fear of rejection that every person has, and how everyone has a desire to be connected to others and accepted, while being able to be heard.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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