The Power Within

I have seen my mother beaten, cursed, and mistreated.

I have heard the cries of my younger brothers. I have felt heartbreaking disappointment; and I have witnessed the effects of non spirituality.

Through each wall, over each hurdle, and under each ladder, the presence of failure has awaited me on the other side.

It convinced me to give up and persuaded me to believe that death was the only option.

Because failure indeed exists, my current reality abides pain, lethargy, weakness, and confusion.

To accept failure's presence and not make it my reality is my ultimate goal.

For I have been made aware that what can happen is not necessarily what will happen.

That being said, my current reality also consists of happiness, perseverance, strength, and understanding.

Being born and raised in the presence of failure, I have had my perspective broadened. My experiences have made me stronger and wiser, allowing me to recognize where failure lies and act accordingly.

Although, I have been a conqueror of the idea of failure, there are times that I am the best candidate for defeat as well. I often am saddened by the condition and mistreatment of my younger brothers.

I used to lose focus in my studies and work harder to make a positive difference in their lives. I have been told to "stay in a child's place," over and over and over again.

Although many may find the statement intolerable, by staying in my place I am able to provide comfort and give advice to my younger brothers without taking on the responsibility of an adult.

This leaves my heart full with love and satisfaction.

It also gives me more time to focus on other aspects of my life.

Life does not exist without failure just as it does not exist without success.

I have decided to live in the moment rather than bask in the presence of failure.

Every day is a new opportunity for me to fail, learn, and grow.

With this in mind, I continue to work hard and make a positive difference in each aspect of my life.

Failure has been a factor in my life, but failure has not determined my future.

Though I have been bullied, discriminated against, and left out, I choose to continue my education, make connections, and have fun.

Though I have been, discouraged, cursed, and forgotten, I choose to persevere, care for others, and make history.

Though I have cried, lost loved ones, and suffered from depression, I choose to laugh, cherish current relationships, and work towards overcoming that depression.

My life is the prisoner of worry and the home of wonder.

Though failure has affected me in a numerous amount of ways, I am not what has happened to me; I am what I choose to be.


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