Power of the Tongue

Problems of mankind are caused by the tongues of men. 

You see our tongues could either be a blessing or a help to cause sin


No man can tame it unless through God’s divine Grace 

and if no action taken then it is the setting of hell’s fire we must embrace.


Now don’t get me wrong, we all stumble in many ways

but hear me out, they say the tongue is a world of evil

and we must watch the things that we say


How can you say you love God with the same mouth that curses others

Do you not know you’re cursing God’s creations, 

your sisters and brothers?!


There are many who say “you can’t judge me”

but your phrases of evil said is what others see.

Yes that saying is true, 

at judgement day it’ll only be God judging you

but it is our job to help our family stick to what is True.


The things we say is a reflection of the things in our hearts

and it is just that, the evil, from which we must part.

Our speech should consistently honor the Lord

and not let it be a deadly poison that kills like a sword


We are to be vessels of God and let people see Him

through us and our actions

so these evil sayings shouldn’t be part of that fraction.



This poem is about: 
My community


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