The Power Of A Thought

Before I knew to train my brain on thinking thoughts that serve me

I made all actions from my friends to mean something personally


As a result, I felt betrayed when I was not invited

But the more I understood my brain those thoughts became more quiet


I practiced to never assume the worst and to focus on the facts

I practiced choosing better thoughts and it helped me feel relaxed


I stopped trying to control my friends and all my family

And took my power back when I managed thoughts responsibly


We will have hard days ahead and we also get to choose

If their lessons are nightmares or blessings - that thought is up to you


Your thoughts will make you feel - either good or bad

And the feeling creates a result in how you will react


When you react in a bad way -many may get upset

You may cause more hurt feelings resulting in regret


But if you react positively wth your heart, soul and mind

Your life will be more joyous and your brain learns to "think" more kind






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