The Power of a Poem


Halls Hill Pike Tennessee
United States
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As I read a poem about life,

I realize that other people go through like me,

Some people have  pain and strife,

Yet a few have so much hapiness which they can see,

Still others fight for what they think is right,

Young couples struggle to keep going,

Other couples learn to listen and not bite,

And still men float down the stream of sarrow at which they are cought rowing.


The Earth does not only exist for my pleasure,

It is a place with billions of other dreams,

A place where love can be witout measure,

A place where joy beams,

I cry due to sadness,

People feel the same,

I feel like my life is becoming madness,

Others know the pain and they will place the blame.


Poetry has taught me plenty,

It showed me my life wasn't the first,

People have lives that are so cool and seemingly minty,

Others hurt and physically thirst.


Thank you peotry for the light,

Without you, I would be blind and without sight.


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