Power in People

They told you life was full of dreams 

so I buckled in and got secure 

they forgot to mention what it means

the bumps and turns you'll endure. 

It's not always about the gold 

the days seem to keep me insecure 

underneath this pressure I will fold. 

I had discovered a truth

the destination was not the end

let me explain and provide proof

how our life has the potential to bend. 

People were the reason for my tears

became content with the life I was livin' 

dreams seemed further away than 10 million years

because of people I felt hopeless.  

Although it sounds dire and sad

it really wasn't all that bad,

through these times it shaped me

the decision to keep moving was key.

Decided to become hopeful

spread my message through an app

to crusade the hurtful 

with a sixty second snap. 

Through people I had brought change

got told I stopped self harm

Through people I released the chains

that were interlocked on their arm. 

Through people there is a power

no longer do people need to cower, 

that's the amazing thing about this road

every bump, turn and hole is a beautiful piece of gold. 

In people there is power.





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My community
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