The Power of Nawledge

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 23:16 -- dpo477

Conflicted by the pressures of the world,

unable to understand what to do,

this generation is unable to recognize

the power of Knowledge.


Instead what this generation possesses 

is the power of Nawledge.


     What we hear, is not always what we see.

The firecrackers outside are mistaken for gunshots,

constant haggling from parents is mistaken for hate,

and bullying mistaken for pure anger.


But, Knowledge brings us deeper...

     ...The "gunshots" are in fact fireworks for a celebration.

     Our haggling parents only brings the best of us.

     That bully comes from a line of mistreatment.


The power of Nawledge, effects our youth

and what we all need is Knowledge because

what we hear, is not always the same as what we see.

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