The Power of a Name

Who are you, if you are not your name?

If you make a mistake, then who is to blame?

Though others may describe you, 

Your personal thoughts can ring true;

But you still don't pertain

The power of a name. 


It is impossible to give words a direction

They may get lost without the intention

Or perhaps they'll travel to thousands of eyes,

And leave you embarrased, without a disguise. 

The importance of words will be lost in vain

Without the power of a name.


A miller's daughter was said to spin gold

But she tried and couldn't do as told.

So instead a man named Rumpelstiltskin

Was promised the daughter's first kin.

This accident would never have came,

If only she had the power of his name.


Now the same goes for both you and me 

If we live up to our names, we shall remain free.

We can take credit for what we do 

And encourage our friends whenever they feel blue.

We can explain to others where they went wrong

Or instead fill their hearts with a song 

We can take pride in what we became

With only the power of our names.



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