The power of my backbone

Wakeing up to broken glass under my feet. No shoes, no shelter, and stealing just to eat. Brakeing down just a little but no one heres my cry. No one knows how i got here I dont even know why. Why my mother Gave me up. An not to a hospital but to a dump truck. Stuck in this cold World all alone. Only I know the power of my backbone. Im only 16 I think. Ive been broken down in so many ways. Born without even a plastic spoon in my mouth but still I pray for better days. I Asked god to tell me what Have I did wrong cause personaly I dont think he knows the power of my backbone. Ive been to juvey once or twice, an trust me those girls dont play nice. Ive been beat up, bruised an done so wrong. An still i haven't met anyone who knows the power of my backbone. " To Be Heard "

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