The Power of Music


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She is tumbling, cascading, silently spiraling into a tunnel of hopelessness. you are too dark! you're not pretty enough! she desperate for comfort.

Hoping for her brilliantly brown black mahogany ebony queen-like ambience to be valued.

as her fingers dance across the piano,

the faint notes are as soft and intimate as a whisper.

moving through her bones like an electric shock!

As her soul screams with rejoice.

When her fingers and piano are no longer one,

she is no longer on her high horse, rather succumbe to the dissatisfaction she faces.

Music has the power to dry her eyes as she cries herself to sleep thinking

“maybe if I weren't so dark, I might be worth loving instead of tolerated in the shadows”.

Music is what mends her broken soul as she wishes

she wasn't “worn like an unnecessary accessory”.

She sees the color of coffee with no cream,

dark like the bittersweet chocolate of her dreams.

She is full bodied, full lipped, and full of vigor.

It is the hidden lyric that paints a picture in silence,

as she smiles on the inside for at that moment she realizes;

in this skin she is unconquerable, mighty, and majestic even!

as the melody flows like a river into her imagination

she is convinced in this skin she is invincible,

in this skin she is strength, in this skin she is powerful,


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