The Power of a Man to Create Change

Nelson Mandela was an incredible man who achieved a great deal for the people he was fighting for so the following scene will be a depiction of and a dedication to this great man.

After word of the incident in Sharpeville Nelson Mandela was livid as was every other member at the secret gathering of the ANC leaders. He rose from his seat looking at each person individually before speaking “we need to change how we do things, if the government would go as far to shoot on a peaceful protest, we should no longer be peaceful in our protest. No revolution is worth anything if it can not defend itself and with how small of an impact, we have made so far we can’t even call what we are doing a revolution!” This was met with uneasy murmurs and one of the men spoke “if we begin to protest violently they have an excuse to kill us on sight and it takes away from our cause so I don’t think-“ Mandela cut him off “answer me this how many died in the incident?” He looked down at his lap replying quietly “69” Mandela nodded “and how many injured?” The man replied just as quietly “too many to count” His voice hardening Mandela asked his final question “and what did that protest accomplish?” The man was silent for a long time finally whispering “nothing…”  Mandela with new energy began pacing “exactly. Our brothers and sisters need us to win this fight for them, to give them freedom and we aren’t even fighting! I would gladly give my life to free our people this is a cause bigger than ourselves! If we refuse to take up arms then we will continue to be a quiet voice begging for change but not bringing it, what we need to be is the force that creates the change we want to see in the world!” The assembled group was all nodding now some calling out words of agreement and so it was done the way the group protested changed though they tried their best to keep innocents from dying.

After a long time of protesting and talk of civil war the ruling party had no choice but to give in while at the time Mandela was in prison and there were definitely soldier for change who had not made it, they had achieved their goal. The ANC was made legal and became the primary political party for the non-white majority not to mention Mandela was freed from prison able to enjoy the change he had helped bring to the world. He was an icon among the ANC as well as the rest of south Africa so when a multiracial election was held in 1994 the ANC’s candidate, Nelson Mandela won the election becoming the first black president in south Africa.



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