The power of love

The thing that can separate living and nonliving, is the ability to feel

the ability to take the course of action, steering the wheel.

Happiness, Sadness, anger, surprise, disgust and fear

the six basic emotions we feel, makes our existence and purpose so clear.

We wouldn’t do or face any of these,

if it weren’t for the soft gentle tease of love, gliding through the trees.

Love is the bane of all emotion,

the reason we’re all manipulated under a powerful potion.

To live a pleasing, fulfilled life, healthy relationships should be the priority

to be there and provide support for not only the majority, but also the minority.

Because you love someone or something, should be the reason

You give them any support assistance or even change the season.

Because you love someone shouldn’t mean you beg or abuse

It should mean that you rid of their blues;

that you provide care and support

and promise to never fall short

on the promises and vows

that you swear to commit, not to just simply arouse.


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