Power of Love

I once knew a boy that was so broken, 

he couldn't even believe it himself.

He thought that love was not for him, 

he thought that he was not good enough to give his love to someone else.

I once knew a girl who was called fat,

she couldn't trust her family who said that she wasn't.

She thought that love would never come to her,

all due to her size. 

They met in school and feelings quickly sparked, 

because they didn't know each others' past they fell into a relationship.

I once knew a boy who devoted himself to the girl,

he finally was able to show his love.

I once knew a girl who became so scared of a boys' past

that she left him- 3 times.

Because he loved her,

he told her she was beautiful even when he was heartbroken.

Because she loved him, 

she wanted him to become better than his past.

Because they loved each other,

they decided to break up until they were both better.


because I love you,

I wrote this for you.

This poem is about: 


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