The Power of Love


Love is a force that can not be defeated. It is a power that everyone possesses. It is something that gets you through the day. When all else fails we can always rely on the power of love to get us through even the toughest of times. Love has Prevailed through natural disaster, untimely deaths, and many other circumstances that could break even the strongest of men. The power of love flows through us all and hopefully we will all recognize that power and put it toward a bettering of this hateful world we live in. The only thing that can defeat hate is love not weapons of mass destruction that take innocent lives on a day to day basis. War and violence is not the answer why is it whenever conflict arises the first thing we do is prepare for war? The only thing war does is cause more bloodshed. Too many lives have been lost through the chaos of war. When will we realize the power of love is the only answer?


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