The power of a gun

As I stare him in the eye

The nerve in my brain send a sensation to my right hand 

My finger twitched 




A innocent life hit the ground 

like a ton of bricks 

How can a life be taken so easily? 



trying to form words in my mouth 

but, nothing would come out 

as I try to open my mouth to speak 

there's a silence 


How can one body movement cause a life? 

I wanted to go back in time

just for 10 sec

before all this happen 


I would put that gun down on the ground 

both hands on my head 

and my knee on the ground 


Because I can never earse that moment. 


If I can do that, 

I want to encourge anyone who want to pull a trigger 

to surrounder. 

Decrease the number of young lives that are being lost 

Just surrounder and keep the peace 

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