Power of the Freedom Ride

Mon, 03/25/2013 - 19:17 -- Cryptic


United States
39° 12' 4.9824" N, 76° 50' 15" W

Timidly I walk into a diner for lunch
As they look at me funny like I don’t belong
Scowling their faces because we are different races
Thinking we are obsolete beings marked by black faces
That’s right, our pigmentation serves as an indicator for savagery apparently
Forcing the white supremacy to act in the name of what they call justice
But as I said before it’s just a diner and I’m just trying to eat with a few friends
Which apparently sends a threatening message
Because before I knew it I was locked in a cell
So I write to you today
From a cell miles and miles away in order to relay the message
That we must continue our reign, for nonviolence will slay the very image
So many whites portray upon us “savage beasts”
And soon I shall feast with you all in the highest form
But for this moment I wait in faith
As I sit here significantly beaten and demeaned
I still see lights of hope for the freedom riders
As they take each obstacle in stride
Getting closer and closer to the goals of our dreams
Integration, Equality, and Respect

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