I have the Power to empower and challenge those in power and their reign from their tower of tactlessness and terror. I am an individual not identical to those identities intending to suffocate me. I dare to be different and dauntless in the face of despair. I decree indeed to declare my own creed. Creating a company that confounds the consciousness of kings. I will be courteous and kind while kicking through the cages of those callous captors that capture our imaginations. Increasing the intricacies of the ideas laid in labyrinth like layers throughout the corners of my mind. I will not bow, break or bend though a hand I will lend to those willing to wage war for these are whom I’m fighting for. So join in my crusade for those who’ve been beaten,broken, and dismayed for the sentences they’ve said that they refuse to keep secret in the face of the choice of survival versus silence.


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Our world
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