Pouring Down

Fri, 11/02/2012 - 03:52 -- BThiret

Pouring down is the rain outside,
There is never a place you can truly hide,
Pouring down are the tears from once trusting eyes,
Drowning because of a so-called loved ones lies,
Pouring down is each drop from the vast water's fall,
Such beauty, so simple, yet seems to bring joy to all,
Pouring down are the grains of sand,
No time left to mend,
Pouring down is the blood,
From the hand that shot the gun,
Pouring down is the guilt,
Of the one who didn't listen,
To cries of finding hope so forbidden.



Often those that participate in bullying do not consider the consequences of their actions. An individual that is constantly attacked in this way, may not show how scared and lonely they truly feel. This is why it is important to stand up for others when they are treated this way. If you are the victim, speak out and find someone to help you.

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