Potential, Thank You

How did you know?

"Oh Honey, I can see it in your eyes

--your soul was made for so much more than the mundane."

These simple words imposed upon my mind

In a way that changed the way I live.

My reach is further encompassing than the reach of our known and unknown universe combined.

Without the inspiration of who I can become

Society would never be improved,

The unlovable would not be loved,

The weak never strengthened,

The broken never healed,

The impossible would never be accomplished

With the mindset that it was my destiny.

It is my divine ability to not only scale these mountains

But completely remove them so others know it can be done.

I told you I can't do it,

I am not special, good enough,

I am not ready.

Potential, you never believed any of that

And you refused to let me.

You pushed me to discover the divinity within me,

To transform into this supernatural being I was meant to become.

You instilled in me the mentality to live the life I am destined to love

--not this life of regular surface function.

This is not my place

We both know it, and I thank you

For pushing me to reach my full Potential.

This poem is about: 
My family


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