I am a human, last time I checked.

Did my awkward bumbling block me

from being the best I could have been?

"You have so much potential?"

Then why does it seem I feel empty?

Tell me, where did the potential go?

I see others, smiling with some joy

I somehow can never see in myself.

"You just need to get out more."

That is easier said than done, my friend.

Just because I smile at you,

doesn't mean I'm not a great actress.

You just happened to be my audience.

I always have the potential to be fearless.

Yet, I struggle to find the strength and courage

to fight against the laughing shadows

staring back at me when I look at myself.

Yes, I am afraid, more than you realize.

But if I didn't pretend it didn't faze me,

then I might as well let this consume me.

For the sake of my "potential",

I have to continue walking, even if it hurts.

I can only keep holding back for so long.

If my bravery is my mask,

then what does that make all my fears?

All the fears that outnumber that mask?

Allow me to tell you one thing:

being afraid does not make you a coward.

I know you may be ashamed of it,

as I myself have been several times.

It is that fear that has helped me survive

when I needed to be reminded

of why I even try to fight at all.

My fear is the challenge I must accept.

That, my friend, is your potential.

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Our world


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