And for all the mysteries in the world

Perhaps, I am the most complex of all

If I could wrap myself in a box

I could not possibly tell if I would come in a bow


For all the tragedies in history

Perhaps my mind is the worst of all

If I should die before my  time

I could not say the soil would mourn


For all the beauty that is written on the stars

Maybe my face shames them the most of all

If I held a mirror to what I believe

I could not know if the universe would smile


And for all the people who walk the Earth

It's possible I am the smallest of their kind

If I could look into life itself

I could not say I would even be an ember from the flame


And yet there is something there

Within myself, an informal proposal, if you will

To the world, to you and yours truly

For courage, strength, integrity...cannot compare

To the POTENTIAL I offer here


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