forget, to, take a, shower
10 feet under, love -
perfect scars for hiding in.
the waterfall cascades
the barrel breaks
under pressure
legs, muscle strained
arms, finger holding on for dear.
speckled brown from all the beatings
eyes see all, ignore, nothing
Never lastS
Every croWn
be made of rose bush
I 4.C.
forgiving is like scrubbing potatoes



Eeeeeeeeee! Nice poem!

I love how it's so...  carefree--format-wise. I think a lot of people are afraid to do that because they think there's only one right way to format a poem, which is the uniform-type style we usually see in school with poems like Fire and Ice from Robert Frost, for example. I used to be like that, afraid to be creative with composition because I always thought there were "rules" to formatting poetry, and now I get estatic about poems that "break the rules," so to speak.

And I don't even know where to begin with the content of your poem because I love every line, so I feel like I'd be repeating myself over and over, haha! I know that part of the reason I love this poem so much is because I feel like I can relate, especially to the last line (which is my absolute favorite part of the poem, by the way, because until then it's kind of just like, as a reader, you're looking for the meaning of the poem, and that line hits you and it just totally ties everything together and you're like "yes! forgiving is like scrubbing potatoes!"). And the variety of separate yet complimentary subjects in each of your lines throughout is just awesome, everything is just so intricate (in a good way, of course--I love intricacy) and, as cheesy as this will sound, deep.

Really great read, thanks for sharing! :)


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