the pot.

and suddenly, the glass broke.

your tinted windows fell away

and I finally saw behind the veil.

your wall crumbled,

your shell cracked,

and I could see the skeletons in your closet.

what a sight beheld my eyes

ever in any question

would I have guessed.

not you,

whose shield was a smile

a smile that suffocated, drowned

slowly to a blackness unlikened.

those whispers in the night

crescendoing to screams of rage.

how dare you hope!

belief has no place in you.

oh yes, your shell has cracked.

and in seeped those screams.

dying slowly, breathing out

breathing in the death.





and yet,

a death was required.

suddenly, light.

a final throwdown.

a gauntlet, face down on the ground.

to struggle, to writhe about,

to wake up!


yes, your veil fell.

revealing vulnerability

beyond likening.

a desire

a longing

a glimmer, long since dimmed.

blow, you!

breathe out,

breathe in life.

and live.  


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