The Post-Amble

We the people

In order to form a more perfect Union:


Establish a system of injustice-

a system of slavery that will never be outlawed

of racism that is deeply ingrained in every branch of this Union

of democracy that enables representatives

to put their needs before the people's

of economics that has always been geared towards furthering the efforts of white men

of education that leaves countless children behind

of prisons that become their home when they graduate-

if they graduate,


We the People


Insure the illusion of domestic tranquility and equality

the illusion of a dream meant for everyone who dares to call themselves an American

of a dream that is attainable and not deferred,


We the People


Provide innocent lives and a bottomless budget for the common defense,

provide higher education for the low, low price of underprivileged youth risking their lives


We the People


Promote the general welfare of those who are not enslaved by this Union,

or being locked an internment camp- Granada Relocation Center in southern Colorado

or coming home to find their family has been deported- southern California 

or being sprayed with a hose for saying that water is life and we deserve to live- Wounded Knee

or being shot dead in the street by someone who was supposed to protect the people- Baltimore, Charlotte, Ferguson, Staten Island, Chicago, ...Falcon Heights, ...Fresno, ...El Cajon, ...Tulsa


We the People-

We the People-

We the People


To secure the blessings of liberty to our white, privileged selves and our white, privileged posterity,


Do ordain and establish this Constitution

That begins with we the people,

But for some


Being an American will involve convincing the Union-

the more perfect Union-

That we ARE the people 


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My country
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