I am blessed to redeploy
I am possessed by the spirit of writing to skip earth ploy
It boozies me like reefer
And later lands me in the arena of raddled mood to refine
How my world define life
My words know me be radical
'Cause my deaf ear never heal
Upon series of articles

They should know I need no medic
'Cause I am strong and critical
E'en my words know me better
Because it will reveal in tomorrows my subject matter
They are never amaze to see the water reserves
On our eyes which never seize to flow
Anytime they pick at things making us to boo "Nooo"
My world ignored the word sway
Because frenetic action has x-ray their ways

They reprisal against truth with archers
Inexplicably my words accommodate lashes
But can't fall 'cause Agamah the poet is in for justice
I am possessed by the spirit of impartiality
I am possessed by the spirit of legality
I am possessed by the spirit of integrity
And can pick at things hindering my world
Because we can't afford to swallow war
E'en though anarchy knocks at our door

I am possessed
My words are possessed to possess
My world is possessed but refuse to be possess
And we are all possessed by the spirit of positivity

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