Positive or Negative?

Over time, I've seen hate

I've seen resentment and anger

If I were asked if I could relate,

You wouldn'e see nothing but a trace.


You see, this past year has been eventful,

people don't see the entire picure.

To me, this year is resentful

because people see little good left.


To everyone who is here to listen,

my personal year has been quite well.

While the entire world burns,

I sit at home pondering why we are a shell.


A shell of our former selves.

We no longer love or respect,

we rot inside our personal cells.

We no longer have our pride,

which has been ripped from our lives.

No one sees the best of the Earth,

they only see the hate rebirth.

We all need to stop and face reality

and stop all of this insanity

before we destroy our very people

and bring our reality to a screeching halt.


To me, this year has been quite a ride

I've taken my time so I let the people drive.

Over this year, I've seen too much hate,

too many people who don't want to realte,

with me or my family,

the people who cannot see

the reality in front of them

and I cannot believe I'm saying this,

but I think I'm one of the last positive people left.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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