Portrait Poem

We come upon a crowded room,

Where presently our character does loom,

Tangled in the voices she

Can’t think straight, or feel glee,

So she sits and looks outside

And tries to go beyond her mind

Out to a place they call divine;

Where people laugh and faces shine

For they all know, who they are,

And embrace this title, no matter if it is bizarre.


The noises cease to strain her ear

As she takes flight and starts to peer, into how far she’s come;

It all begins when she was two

And chose to wear a pink cast instead of blue,

Then jump to seven when she would say, “I’ve decided to be rainbow today.”

Now back to five, where on this day, her life became far from cliché.


Her mind goes blank as she floats back down

To place her feet onto the ground

And continue staring out afar, but this time with altered eyes

Ones that will show no demise

For the things she saw,

Made her realize her flaws, are truly what makes her Me.



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