Growing up on Dragon Ball Z

and on it's only a fairy tale

and bro look at that weirdo

why's he running like that


Maybe it's the spinach I ate 

or the Pop I drank

but we're on another level

We beat the whole game matter of fact

Me and my brotherhood of assasisans 

It was our destiny,

because it was the last of us,

we were all that was left


Or maybe those are all plastic memories 

Maybe we were hypnotized to believe all this

Maybe they left us in the dark,

in the sunken place to be forgotten and washed away



Maybe we are all just searching in the wrong places

for that one piece of humanity that is still left

Maybe it's a fairy tale

Or maybe it's all a bizarre adventure 


All I know is I'm here 

and they left me here

in the hidden leaf village 

and so I write a note of death,

no, a death note saying

You Clompse Ste Odont

translated your fight is over


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