Poor Soul


United States
33° 48' 23.4144" N, 118° 11' 28.5144" W

The Devil asked for my assistance
He asked for my soul
I gladly said yes
When He scanned my soul
He told me no

I begged and begged for Him to take my soul
But all He would say is no
I pleaded and groveled
And begged some more
But all He did was say no once more

So I asked why He would bother me for my soul then refuse
And He smirked and said
"Well it's already in use."
For I said,"Yes, by me!"
"Who else could it be!"

He chuckled and claimed it was in God's hands
So I climbed up to the heavens
And barged through the gates
To talk to this Man
Who stole my fate

I yelled,"Give me my soul!"
"So I can do as I please."
"Don't we all have free will!"
"Or is it merely just a dream you feed."
So as He sat there

High in his might
He stooped to my level
And gave me a fright
He talked so gently
But it filled the air

He closely whispered
"Because I care."


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