Poor Is All I Know

Deteriorated belongings, torn shoes, and hand-me downs,

Is what my life revolves around,

At home around my family I feel like I am worth something,

But trying to survive in this unyieldingly demented world that society has painted over,

Makes me feel like I'm nothing.

Poor is all I know, when I come home into a two bedroom apartment

and have to share a bed or sleep on the hard carpet.

Poor is all I know, when I go to school and see all the sophmoric figures enjoying all those expensive activities,

While I sit back feeling profoundly sullen in my vacant proximity.

Poor is all I know, when girls in school brag about their new iphones,

It makes me feel exasperated and disheartend knowing that I have none to own.

Poor is all I know, when the only thing that keeps me stable and keeps my head held high,

Is the work ethic and desperation I put into my high school education,

So that in the future I can live a wealthy life.


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