Poly-chromatic Fields

From the sugar canes in the plantation

that our ancestors slaved away in the sun for days on end

to the cattle roaming around the grass fields.

The consistent buzzing of the insects

flying through the fields and the crops fighting for their

share of the rays of light shimmering down from the sky.

Then the colors of the flowers start to decorate the fields,

A collision of reds, yellows, green, purple, blue;

Forms a kaleidoscope of exploding hues and dyes.

The noises formed from the animals

Are heard throughout the plains,

Echoing, resonating, vibrations.

These sounds, melodies from these creatures

Come together to form a harmony,

That only nature can understand.

When one searches the word agriculture

The definition states “cultivation of crops, land, raising livestock”

Yet this definition does not satisfy

The sweat and back breaking work that one must do

In order to see their works of art to blossom

And bear the beauty that came from their tender loving care

That is agriculture, the union between nature and man.

This poem is about: 
My country


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