What is the difference between a filter and myself?

Is there a clean line that can be drawn?

Is there a simple way to say this is me,

and that is who you think I am?


No, there is truth in lies

Honesty lies in our deciet


Politness is my veneer

Or is it just the only side of myself that I am willing to show you?

There is no makeup I hide behind

Only a polite smile

I hide behind rigid welcomes used by all

How can you know me if I use the words billions of other utter every day?

Words spoken, not to truely inquire,

but to quietly smother any real conversation that may take place


I enjoy the safety of politeness

How can someone be mean to a nice, sweet, polite girl

How rude of them!


No, how rude of me

I do not want to get to know you

I want only silence


I have heard you speak before

You are rude

You are a backstabber

I have heard you

I listen

I know you

Which is why I will not let you get to know me


I speak a thousand words in my silence

You speak nothing

and do so loudly


Your words mean nothing

and you mean nothing to me

My politness is not so much a filter

as it is a shield

I hide from people like you

I do not have time for people like you


However, the shield is thin

Sometimes people anger me

It breaks

and then I am not silent


I am quiet,

but I am not weak.

I prefer to stay removed from people

but I will not sit idly by and let you hurt them


I may not like talking to them

but I also do not like to see them hurt

I want to help

I will help

I will deal with you

I will tear you down

I will not let you hurt someone when I can prevent it

I am strong

and you

you are weakness personified


You cannot hide behind words

All your words are empty

You cannot hide behind your actions

You have none




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