Police Poem

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 16:01 -- poet

By Johnathon

As soon as the block gets hot, they are there before 9 o’clock
harassing loiterers, getting locked up cause I pulled a knife out.
But if I don’t pull this knife out, they won’t know that its lights out before they turn the lights out.
I’m a fool cause I’m not focused on school but if I let the streets see intellect they see weakness
see, killing is illegal if I shoot you, 25 to life, but if you shoot me, you go home to your wife.

Part II (Peace with the Police)
Peace with the police, none will decease from a peace only natural causes.
They’ll protect me from guns and let me have fun when me and my duns chill on the block no jail cell, if a nigga act up they don’t let blood spill
just a person to talk to, walk up to, to give food.
They’d be helping the poor instead of killing the poor.



I thought it was interesting how part two was titled "Peace with the Police" because it hints at future reconciliation with the police, and the title is clever because "Peace" and "Police" start with the same letter.

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