Police Brutality


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Attempting to march from Selma to Montgomery, 

MLK had hope. 

He wanted to achieve prosperity, but the cops said nope!Mind you, this is 1965,it is now 2016 and the same is happening. black people are trying to thrive,but all they do is shoot us down happily. Within two days, we lost four colored men tragically to police brutality. it seems as though they couldn't just taze,they had to act with violence because the men were threats to society? well this is what the officers say, but no, they shot because they knew they could. They shoot because the system says they may, as they knew it would. My father is black, my brothers are black, my entire family is, am I supposed to fear their safety?or should I just be quiet and sit?No, I must stand because this is insanity. As the days go on, they just take more of our people, they see there are no repercussions for it so they think it's ok. The 14th amendment says we are equal, but this is not true because police kill innocent, as the system says they may. I am over living in fear of those who's jobs are to protect, it is time for this to end. we have love and peace that we must inject,#blacklivesmatter has become a lifestyle not just a Twitter trend. I pray for all the families who have lost a love one to police brutality, and I wish we weren't living in such a disgusting society. 

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