Poker Face

Smile, girl
Not too wide, make it genuine
Show some teeth, not too much 
Smile with your eyes too
Don't look sad
Don't let them know that you cried last night
Fool them
Let them be convinced that you're a happy girl
Hide the dark circles with foundation
Make your eyes glitter with gold
Add some flare with your eyeliner

Laugh, girl
Not too loud, don't seem obnoxious
Make a joke
Let them know you're funny too
Laugh along with them
Don't let them know that you're a Debbie Downer
Convince them that you're enjoying yourself
Even though you're really trying to avoiding thinking too much
About your broken heart

At the end of the night
When everyone is asleep
Let down your hair
Wipe away the gold and foundation and liner
Crawl into bed
Cry, girl
Not too loud
But just let it all out
A broken heart is too much of a burden to bear
You've been strong all day
Now is the time to let it go

Featured on my blog: Not A Wasted Word,


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