Point and Shoot



I could be a writer.

But I much prefer photography.

Yet don’t they say that photos are worth a thousand words?

All I have to do is put those words onto non-light sensitive paper.

But I don’t because


Photos don’t lie and they will never

make empty promises that won’t be kept

or tear people down in their vulnerability

and spread rumors.

When I look at the world,

I am like a hunter on the lookout for that

perfect shot to capture the soul and

the essence of the world for what it really is.

Surely, words can describe the world

In ways you didn’t think of before.

But a description of an object

a person, a place, an emotion

is limited to a few lines or pages or chapters or novels.

I capture everything that cannot be put into words

scrawled across some piece of paper that will be thrown away

I capture all of that in one shot

that resonates louder than words


because it is burned into the chemistry

of the minds of those who see it.


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