The Poets' Tree

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 11:56 -- EvanP



The sky seemed burdened with oppressive clouds of grey
As though paying homage to my mood that Autumn day
Idly I wondered how these clouds could raise themselves so high yet still remain
Aimlessly I wandered, heart heavy with dismay
And 'fore too long I found myself 
Lost, so lost, I'm sad to say
But soon I stumbled upon such a sight
A tree like no other, with branches full of light
A cascade of color
A wonderful wonder
And as I shuffled closer, closer
The leaves they crunch crisply in a whisper 
As though each leaf a word, a sonnet, with such poetic prose 
And they sang their song to me
As they fluttered toward my feet
Upon the gnarled trunk I read
A message written just for me 

"Though love we lose
An' love we gain
'tis always true
The seasons change 
But above my roots
And 'neath my leaves
Find solace here, eternally
Beneath, beneath
My fiery leaves
Beneath, beneath
The Poet's Tree"



Posted this on my break at work whilst on my phone. Hopefully I can edit the lines later as the breaks have disappeared. Apologies.

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