a poets passion :passion poetry


Deep within my soul this story untold

Of love life happiness and dreams deferred

A poet’s passion

Let my pen lead you down, down this road if you dare

To tell a passion of poetry a love so deep none could tear

Tear me away from my pen, these pages or these lines

Let my soul tell the story of a love undefined

For me poetry is more than words or fancy confusing rhyme schemes

No, no haiku or simile could limit the expression of all that defines me

Define where I’ve been and who I will be

Where I am going, Oh, you may want to strap down in your seat

Sit up for the ride

For This infatuation for the words that are mine

You could cry, scream, and jump for joy if you dare but a poetic passion how could you compare

My dreams become reality at least before my eyes

My mind and heart set free to roam amongst greatness unimaginable through that of space and time

Like Mona without the Lisa

Romeo with no Juliet

A hunger for a passion a poet’s passion is where I am left 

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