Poetry the Vision


Okinawa Island
United States


Poetry. The expression of sadness and the projection of a smile. The intensity of gladness and the empathy of a mile. A rhyme from time to time, not in any certain manner or in any certain line. A mix of feeling and emotion to illustrate commotion or the notion of a motion that occurs in someone's mind, and how unique is that expression that pours out from the heart. A simple art imparted to the world. In no style is it written, but in their own style it is read, and comes to ears by microphones and lullabies in bed. In words, in books, in letters, and in songs on radio stations, planting seeds that grow like vines in all imaginations. The pattern of the sounds that coordinate the silent chords. The boldness of the lines that put nature on the drawing boards. The colors and the tones, the brushes and the saxophones. This is poetry. The hues of the clouds by morning adorning the skies that rise. The rhythm of the instruments. At the last, all perception of nature is concentrated in the ink, but by the ink, nature is given a new perspective.

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