Poetry is Powerful

It starts out with Emotions-

Emotions turn into Thoughts-

And Thoughts into Words-

Words turn to Sentences of these Notions-


Sentences on a page

As blank and as unadulterated

As the canvas

That you use as your assuage-


Your Salvation-


And then the next thing you know

those all turn into Poetry-

Similes -and Metaphors-

and every colorful word in your portfolio-


Spilling out from your Brain-

And your Heart-

Down from your hand-

Flowing out from your veins-


Until you just don't know where to stop-


And it all just comes out-

like a wave of inspiration-

bursting forth from a underground spring

after an insufferable drought-


Filled with Power-

the Kind that cannot come

from even the Highest of Men

at any given hour-


Fueled by that Emotion that sparked it all;


And it's written down-

Not to be Forgotten-

But to be Shared-

spreading from town-to-town-


Across Eons and Eons-

Till it's so far gone-

That you have inspiring youths-

that strive for more than just being a peon-




Scribbled down Words

in some God-Forsaken classroom-

Where the Meaning may have been

Lost somewhere like a password


Among the Decades-

and the Centuries-

And only if it manages

to Survive Unscathed-


But we still write:


And Although we know all

that will come with it-

The wicked words

and viscous mauls-


And the blind Eyes

Among the Minds

  of those in Society

who let Life go Awry-


We still Write-


For our own Peace-of-Mind;

To Ease our own Racing Thoughts-

and our need of Expression-

Whether or not it is heard by Mankind-


We write it all down-

from the passionate flames

to the sobering downpours-

Just not to have a mental breakdown-


Poetry is made to make a Statement-


Either subtle notes or words so blatant

 Expressing Emotions-

Untainted Thoughts-

The kind that cannot be abated-


Words that could not come

out of someone's mouth

In Sentences that melt Hearts-

Or  at least in a way so you don't sound dumb-


We write Poetry


Whether it be against Oppression-



or Obsession-


Or out of Love-



Or something from Above-


Poetry is Powerful: Use it

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